Moving into a house with a stairlift

We’re moving into a house with a stairlift and don’t know how to get rid of it?

The property market is booming and with the pandemic causing a huge shift in people working from home, there has been a rise in people moving from modern city houses and apartments into larger properties in the suburbs and countryside. Many of these country homes need renovations and refurbishments and often come with fixtures and fittings that need removing. One of the most common questions we get asked is from those moving into a house with a stairlift and how they get rid of it environmentally and economically friendly.

Like many old large appliances and home items, there isn’t much choice other than to skip or tip and that is why we founded! Most unused stairlifts can be reused, fixed or broken up for parts – so why cause more landfill when we can refurbish them and sell them at a much lower price than brand new ones – making them much more accessible for those in need but have low budgets.

We remove, recondition and recycle unwanted stairlifts and mobility scooters. In most cases free of charge. The only times we would charge is if a straight stairlift is more than seven years old and a curved stairlift is more than three years old. In this case,  we would charge £132 plus VAT for the curved stairlift (chairlift) removal and £115 plus VAT for the straight stairlift removal.

So if you have or are moving into a house and want a stairlift removing, get in touch!

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