Do you need to recycle your stairlift?

Finding someone to get rid of a stairlift, whether you’ve moved into a new house or replacing an old one, can be difficult. But look no further – here, at Stairlift Recycling, we can deal with that for you. 

As a stairlift company, it was something we were regularly asked. And so, we decided it was a much-needed service that we had to offer. Our Stairlift Recycling and Mobility Scooter Recycling Scheme operates across most of the UK (other than North Scotland, mid-Wales, Cornwall, and Devon).

We are partnered with large stairlift (sometimes called chairlift) reconditioners and installers. Not only does it provide a valuable service to the community but also the environment – we are constantly looking at ways to improve our green credentials. For example, we support the COT Code of Ethics regarding sustainability. Wherever possible we will recondition and refurbish the stairlifts and mobility scooters.  We then make them available for purchase to the general public – as good as new.  They are generally half the price or less than purchasing them brand new. 

We remove, recondition and recycle unwanted stairlifts and mobility scooters. In most cases free of charge. The only times we would charge is if a straight stairlift is more than seven years old and a curved stairlift is more than three years old. In this case,  we would charge £132 plus VAT for the curved stairlift (chairlift) removal and £115 plus VAT for the straight stairlift removal.

 Second-hand stairlifts and second-hand mobility scooters.

If you are looking to purchase a second-hand stairlift or second-hand mobility scooter, just click on the correct button, fill the form in and we will be happy to provide a quote to you.  Remember that, although they are second-hand, they look as good as new and come with a 12-month warranty! 

For stairlifts or mobility scooters that are not able to be reconditioned, we will place re-usable parts into stock.  We then make these parts available for repairs. This provides an excellent service to the community as many of the stairlifts or mobility scooters. The Stairlift Recycling Mobility Scooter Recycling scheme helps the market in providing parts for obsolete stairlifts and mobility scooters. We will keep the price of the parts at an affordable level for all.


We remove, recondition, refurbish, recycle, sell, service, and maintain all makes of curved or straight stairlifts.  This includes Acorn, Stannah, Platinum, Minivator, Handicare, Brooks plus many others.  If you want to buy a stairlift fill out the relevant form. We’ll provide a quotation after a free survey by one of our engineers.

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