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Sainsbury’s Trials Slow Shopping For Elderly

slide2Sainsbury’s in Gosforth (Newcastle) has announced this week that it is trialling an in-store ‘slow shopping afternoon’.

What is a slow shopping afternoon?

The idea introduced by the Gosforth store is that every Tuesday between 1pm-3pm there will be members of staff from Sainsbury’s at the entrance ready to offer assistance to those that require it. They will guide the customer around the store to ensure they find everything they need and can manage ok. They will encourage them to take their time and not feel pressured or rushed. The store will also place chairs at the end of the aisles for those who need to rest and sit down during their shop.

What do you think?

This is certainly a concept we would jump on board with. The elderly generation is a growing one and we believe that this is a forward-thinking initiative to cater for this market. Working with the elderly market on a daily basis we know how intimidating heading out to the shops can be for them. Anywhere that is crowded or busy can be very daunting.

Providing a service such as this ‘slow shopping afternoon’ will give the elderly peace of mind that they can take their time without being afraid of getting in people’s way, getting tired and needing to rest or not being able to get everything they need because they ‘can’t reach’ or ‘too scared to ask’.

Although this is only one store trialling it at the moment, we hope to see this develop further. What do you think? Why not discuss this further on our twitter page @stairliftREC

Moving To A Care Home and Your Stairlift

If you or a loved are in the process of moving to a care home, it can be an emotional time.

There’s lots of things to take into consideration but it also offers that peace of mind that you or your loved one will have the support and care needed for a comfortable life.

Taking personal possessions will help to make the new surroundings seem more familiar and homely. Things such as photographs, pictures, pieces of furniture, bedding etc. Have a think about what will really make you feel at home. It’s then advised to decorate the room to your personal preference if possible.

Ensuring the carers and team and the care home understand the person is extremely important. If your loved one is moving into a home, it’s advised that you prepare their ‘story’ so that the staff can engage and start conversations with topics that are familiar to them. Photo albums are a great tool to provide a focal point for starting conversations. Try and provide the care home with these and as much information about your family member as possible. It’s also an idea to give favourite food suggestions to the care home kitchen staff.

There will be lots of organisation needed in sorting legalities and paperwork. There will be a number of people to inform including banks, utilities, medical and health, councils and many more. There will also be the property in which the person lived to sort. Whether this is sold, rented or left empty, if there is a stairlift within, often or not the family are unsure of what to do with it. This is a situation we’re often told about and understand that it’s a stressful time and we want to make this as easy as possible. If you want a stairlift removing, then get in touch and speak to an advisor. 01535 612167



Loneliness is a major UK health concern

This week it’s been reported in the national news that council chiefs are warning that loneliness should be seen as a public health concern. It was reported that more than half of 75 year olds in the UK live alone. And, last year Britain was dubbed the ‘loneliness capital of Europe’.

On the flip side to the problem is that those suffering often won’t admit they are lonely. As recent research released by Churchill Retirement Living found, over half of 60 year olds believe there is a stigma attached to admitting to being lonely. One in four felt ‘too ashamed’ to admit they are lonely and others felt they would be too much of a burden if they did need help. This figure rose to 40% for those people who are widowed.


There are major health problems that stem from loneliness such as increasing the risk of high blood pressure and increased chance of developing dementia which is why there is now a call to put UK loneliness at the top of the agenda.

As a result, new guidelines have been published for councils and a scheme taking place in Rotherham, Yorkshire was highlighted. The scheme involves GPs identifying where people are at risk. A volunteer will then visit them to refer the correct community services.

Town hall chiefs published new guidance for councils and highlighted a scheme in Rotherham, Yorkshire, where people at risk are identified by GPs. They are then visited by volunteers who put them in touch with community services. It has cut in-patient admissions by 21 per cent and A&E visits by 20 per cent.

Here at Stairlift Recycling, we’re pleased to hear that this is now being brought under the spotlight and that more is being done to combat loneliness among the elderly in the UK.


The OT Show

Last week we attended The OT Show – one of the industry’s biggest exhibitions. It was great to meet so many new contacts who need our services.

We’re now bringing a much needed recycling service to more and more people thanks to contacts such as occupational therapists, councils and charities and more.

Here is some of the team at the event:

The OT Show

Carers UK Celebrates 50 Years

Carers UK recently celebrated 50 years of making life easier and better for carers.

The charity is a hub of advice, support and information for people who care for a disabled, seriously-ill or older loved one, unpaid. With 6.5 million carers in the UK (which continues to rise), there is a lot of people out there that need this vital support and stats show 8 in 10 carers have at some point felt lonely or socially isolated as a result of their caring responsibilities. According to the charity, by 2037 there will be 9 million carers in the UK – a 40% increase.

Over the past year, Carers UK Adviceline responded to nearly 20,000 enquiries and its online Forum community increased to over 9,000 carers. With the ever growing elderly and disability community, the number of carers is rapidly increasing therefore so is the demand on Carers UK’s services.

Is this something you can relate to? Are you a carer? Tell us your story.

Britain Must Start Investing In Adult Social Care

An article recently published in the Guardian re ‘Britain Must Start Investing in Social Care’ highlighted political failure when it comes to adult care.

The article was referring to Zoe Williams’ article (Adult social care is not a problem – it is a human necessity, 10 August). Quoted within was Andrea Sutcliffe, the chief inspector of adult social care, who said the sector is under stress and strain and one in which an ageing population with increasingly complex needs was only half the story. It suggested the problems stemmed from the feedback loop of inadequate funding, delusional commissioning and undervalued care workers. And what’s really scary is regulators receive more than 150 allegations of abuse of the elderly every day!

In the care industry blame is often pushed around from politicians to councils. Meanwhile care workers are expected to do the best they can with limited time and resource if not massively underpaid.

As the article asks, ‘when will the blame stop and the leadership begin? It’s time for someone to put the person receiving the care first and take personal responsibility for ensuring that disabled and older people are properly cared for. The question is whether the chancellor will take up that responsibility in the upcoming comprehensive spending review.’

With the ageing population growing massively, if this situation isn’t sorted, Britain is heading towards crisis. elderly-hospital_2774920b

The Importance of Recycling

With various cuts such as the closure of the Independent Living Fund, it is now more important than ever that we do what we can to help the disabled community.

Brand new stairlifts can be costly, and if there is no financial support for disabled or elderly people to fund that necessary home adaptation, then it may force someone to leave their home or not be able to fully use it.

Therefore we are calling out to those who have an unwanted stairlift (or mobility scooter) and want to donate it. We can remove stairlifts from across most parts of the UK and take them away to recondition or strip for parts. We can then repair and sell back to the community for a much cheaper price. 50% of what we make goes to a panel of eight relevant charities that support disabled and elderly people.

The reconditioned stairlifts are just as good as new and come with the same warranty as a new stairlift.

If you want to donate a stairlift or a mobility scooter, please email us or call. If you’d like to enquire about having a stairlift installed, please contact us here  

Breakthrough As Scientists Find New Drug That Appears To Slow Alzheimer’s

It has been the biggest news regarding Alzheimer’s for decades – scientists believe they have found a drug which slows the pace of mental decline.  The drug, names Solanezumab, showed signs of slowing down memory loss in patients with mild Alzheimer’s over the course of a few years.

Although scientists have said it isn’t a cure, the wider implications of the results are a huge result. It is the first time any medication has slowed down the rate at which Alzheimer’s damages the brain.

The director of research at Alzheimer’s Research UK, Dr Eric Karran, said: “This is the first evidence of something genuinely modifying the disease process. It’s a breakthrough in my mind. The history of medicine suggests that once you get through that door you can explore further therapeutic opportunities much more aggressively. It makes us less helpless.”

More trials are to take place around the drug and, depending on the success of those trials, it may be several years before it is available on the NHS. But it is a step forward it driving treatment and hopefully finding a cure.

Across the UK, one person every three minutes develops Alzheimer’s – a shockingly high rate. Alzheimer’s Society research shows that 850,000 people in the UK have a form of dementia, and that in less than 10 years, 1 million people will be living with dementia. This is expected to rise to 2 million by 2051 unless preventative treatments are developed.

COT2015, Brighton

Last week we headed down to sunny (and slightly stormy) Brighton for The OT Conference. In partnership with Stairlift and Mobility Recycling we set up stand to exhibit and explain our services.

It was encouraging to hear how stairlift and mobility recycling and reconditioned stairlifts and scooters are a much needed service. It was something of great interest to the OTs and they now have somewhere to refer their patients. It was also great to meet people in the OT industry and we made lots helpful contacts.

It was a busy couple of days and here is a photo round up:

photo 1 photo 2 (1) photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Why Should I Have A Stairlift Fitted?

Home is where the heart is, so they say. Most people understand that and have a sentimental attachment to their home. We understand how important it is for elderly people and those with health problems to remain in their homes for as long as possible.

With the ever rising life expectancy age (a third of British people are predicted to be 55 years and older by 2030), more and more people are in need of mobility products and stairlifts. Britain’s elderly population is set to outgrow the younger population and there is a big question on how society manages that and ensures people can live independently. Health services and development of mobility products are major factors and role of mobility products in society is ever growing.

Stairlifts were created to make life easier for those that struggle or can’t get up the stairs and offer a simple solution so that people can reap the benefits of their home again.

These days stairlifts are sleek, modern looking and provide the solution for many disability issues at home.  As we deal with both new, reconditioned, bought or rented, we can ensure the right stairlift is fitted for your home at the right price. Reconditioned stairlifts are just as good as new but without the high ticket price. We’re also independent which means we work will all major stairlift manufacturers.

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