World Elder Abuse Day 2022

Yesterday, on the 15th of June, the world came together for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day helping to raise awareness of elder abuse – something that affects nearly all older people at some point which is just heartbreaking.

The awareness day is celebrated on the same date every year and provides an opportunity for our communities to better understand abuse and neglect of the elderly.

According to Age Uk, last year one in six older people suffered some form of abuse with as many as two-thirds of people with dementia being abused. 

The charity reported that only 4% of all abuse gets reported and often older people suffer in silence, not wanting to get their abuser into trouble. What we found quite frightening is the abuser is often in a position of trust.

We can all do our bit to help this cause – especially if you have elderly relatives or friends. It’s important to always let them know there is someone there to talk to and encourage them to speak out if they ever find themselves in an abusive situation or environment. There is also plenty of online resources and charity support if you want to know how you can help a loved one.

Until next year’s event please continue to be mindful and support anyone you feel is going through such an awful situation.

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