The Importance of Recycling

With various cuts such as the closure of the Independent Living Fund, it is now more important than ever that we do what we can to help the disabled community.

Brand new stairlifts can be costly, and if there is no financial support for disabled or elderly people to fund that necessary home adaptation, then it may force someone to leave their home or not be able to fully use it.

Therefore we are calling out to those who have an unwanted stairlift (or mobility scooter) and want to donate it. We can remove stairlifts from across most parts of the UK and take them away to recondition or strip for parts. We can then repair and sell back to the community for a much cheaper price. 50% of what we make goes to a panel of eight relevant charities that support disabled and elderly people.

The reconditioned stairlifts are just as good as new and come with the same warranty as a new stairlift.

If you want to donate a stairlift or a mobility scooter, please email us or call. If you’d like to enquire about having a stairlift installed, please contact us here  

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