Stairlift and Mobility Scooter Recycling admires all carers during National Carers Week

A recent poll revealed a concerning level of ignorance about the increasing reliance on families to provide unpaid care for frail, sick or disabled people, because local authority budgets for adult social care have been so significantly reduced.

6.5 million people – 1 in 8 adults – are already caring for a family member or close friend and 1.4 million people spend 50 hours or more a week on caring responsibilities.

The number of carers is predicted to rise to 9 million by 2037 and yet most adults don’t think caring will happen to them.

The current level of unpaid caring is estimated at saving the country £119 billion.  That’s an almost unimaginable saving all made possible because of the daily unselfish acts provided by our society’s carers.

Whereas Stairlift and Mobility Scooter Recycling is not expert in caring, and we admire all the carers out there, we will do our best to support charities that help the disabled, frail or sick people which might, in turn, provide a little bit of help to the carers. On top of this we make mobility products more affordable which might again help carers to some degree.

We will do our best to help because we know that you are doing the best you can in generally difficult circumstances.

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