Why Recycle Your Stairlift?

Although we have just launched this service for the community and the environment we have been in the stairlift market for over 25 years and we work with partners that have a similar level of experience.  Through this service all types of stairlifts (sometimes called chairlifts) can be removed, reconditioned and recycled by us and our partners in the stairlift industry.  It doesn’t matter what make your stairlift is.  The main stairlift manufacturers are Acorn, Stannah, Platinum, Minivator, Handicare, Brooks, Thyssen, Meditek, Churchills, Age UK, Companian and Access. And it doesn’t matter if the stairlift is straight or curved.

If you wish to donate a stairlift then contact us either by email or through the 0800 number on our website we will collect your details, contact you to check them, send out an engineer within 2 weeks to remove the stairlift and take it back to our factory and recondition, wherever possible by our expert engineers, or strip out all usable parts and recycle them back into the market in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way as possible.  Our reconditioned stairlifts will then be sold back into the market at half the price or less than a new stairlift, or rented out to people that need them but cannot afford the cost of a reconditioned stairlift.  All of our reconditioned stairlifts come with a 12 month warranty.

For every stairlift donated we will donate to our panel of charities on an equal basis.  So by donating your stairlift you will be helping the environment and the community.  There are not many services that can say this!

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