Loneliness is a major UK health concern

This week it’s been reported in the national news that council chiefs are warning that loneliness should be seen as a public health concern. It was reported that more than half of 75 year olds in the UK live alone. And, last year Britain was dubbed the ‘loneliness capital of Europe’.

On the flip side to the problem is that those suffering often won’t admit they are lonely. As recent research released by Churchill Retirement Living found, over half of 60 year olds believe there is a stigma attached to admitting to being lonely. One in four felt ‘too ashamed’ to admit they are lonely and others felt they would be too much of a burden if they did need help. This figure rose to 40% for those people who are widowed.


There are major health problems that stem from loneliness such as increasing the risk of high blood pressure and increased chance of developing dementia which is why there is now a call to put UK loneliness at the top of the agenda.

As a result, new guidelines have been published for councils and a scheme taking place in Rotherham, Yorkshire was highlighted. The scheme involves GPs identifying where people are at risk. A volunteer will then visit them to refer the correct community services.

Town hall chiefs published new guidance for councils and highlighted a scheme in Rotherham, Yorkshire, where people at risk are identified by GPs. They are then visited by volunteers who put them in touch with community services. It has cut in-patient admissions by 21 per cent and A&E visits by 20 per cent.

Here at Stairlift Recycling, we’re pleased to hear that this is now being brought under the spotlight and that more is being done to combat loneliness among the elderly in the UK.


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